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Hi! Zara Phythian here and welcome to my official Online Training Academy. I've created this website to share my knowledge of martial arts both on the mat and on the screen. The type of courses available to study via the ZP Online Training Academy range from Action Screen Fighting, Fight Choreography, Martial Art Curriculum, Style-Specific Training, Tournament Strategies, Sparring, Traditional and Performance Forms & Kata, Stretching & Flexibility, Kicking Skills & Kick Conditioning, Fitness & Conditioning, Weight Training, Instructor Training, Dojo Drills and Skills, Children's Age Specific Programs, and a range of performance based Weapons training including Bo, Kama, Nunchaku, Sword and the 9 Section Whip Chain. The courses vary in level and ability (from Beginner Level through to Advance) and my main focus with the online academy is to reach out and train with as many students globally as possible to inspire, motivate and encourage each other to LEARN and develop new skills, TRAIN smarter and embrace new concepts, BUILD a positive mindset and expand our knowledge with an open mind and GROW in confidence and focus on our own personal development (inside and outside the dojo or gym). Click the button below to check out some of my courses. I look forward to training with you! Thank You. Zara x
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ZP Online Training Benefits

Martial arts has been a passion of mine since my early years, infact for over 27 years!! and I'm super excited to now be able to share my knowledge and training experience through the benefits of online training. Here's some reasons why you should chose the ZP Online Training Academy...

  • Access courses and train anywhere, 24/7 from a phone, laptop or mobile device.

  • Train in your own time - at home, at class or the gym

  • Choose a course that suits your training goals and follow along and/or implement all or some of the training methods and exercises into your own training program.

  • Learn and develop skills at your own pace and use the student support and feedback for help and training tips to accomplish your training & fitness goals.

  • There's something for everyone with the vast library of different styles, topics and courses to chose from.

  • Free access to the private Facebook Group

by Rachel Warren


by Rachel Warren

Zara has many years of experience, dedicated her life to her skills and is unbelievable at educating and helping others. I have personally worked with her and had the best experience. Highly recommend. She’s one in a million.
John Robertson


John Robertson

Professional and accurate training for both professional and novice alike.

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  • Do I need any martial art experience before I join a course?

    There are many different courses that suit novice to advanced level students. check out the course details which will identify if it's suitable for beginners. Most of the online courses are progressive so it's easy to scale exercises up or down where necessary.

  • How long will it take to complete a course?

    Some of the online courses are curriculum based and will take longer to study than others and some courses are short courses. The beauty of online training is that you can study in your own time. The more time you set aside for training and studying, the quicker and more efficient you will become. However, all of the courses provide the opportunity to 'follow along' and automatically skip to the next chapter once you have completed a section or go back and review any section if necessary.

  • Can I download the course material?

    In most cases you cannot download the course content, but there may be some PDF's or free material that may be available at certain times. To access your course just log in to your account. This is available for you to do so 24/7 so you can study wherever and whenever is convenient (internet connection permitting).

  • Do I need to be in shape before I start a course?

    It's good practise to seek professional advice from your GP if you have not untaken physical activity in a long time. You don't 'need' to be in shape to start, you just need to start to get in shape! Train at your own pace. You can start to increase intensity as your fitness levels improve. Remember progress, no matter small is still progress. The key to success is consistency. Do something you like and have passion for to maintain a consistent and progressive practise / training plan for best results.

  • How much does it cost?

    Course fees vary depending on the course type. Some courses are free, some courses are short courses, some extensive courses and some courses are subscription based. The price plan will reflect on the type of course and length of course.

  • Do I need a partner to train with?

    Depending on your chosen course, there maybe some elements that require a partner, for example practising certain techniques, sparring, self defence, pad work and training strategies, however, in most instances you may be able to adapt the training and use equipment or be creative and find alternative ways to practise the drills involved.

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