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Welcome to the ZP 9 Rounds Bag Blast


My name is Zara Phythian and I will be showing you how to use the bag to improve your fitness and endurance through 9 rounds of bag training and conditioning for combat sports. 

This course is designed with both the seasoned fighter and complete beginner in mind. The course will show you how to work technically and strategically with its progressive and comprehensive structure. 

In the ring, on the mats, inside the cage or at the gym... learn how to work smarter and increase your speed, power, fitness and endurance to dominate the competition or smash your physical goals. 

The 9 Rounds Bag Blast is split into 3 Sections: 

Section 1 covers the introduction to movement, footwork and techniques 

Section 2 shows you how each of the rounds focuses on a specific strategy 

Section 3 contains bonus conditioning material using the bag and includes partner drills for improved timing defensive skills

By watching, following along and practicing the drills and exercises in this course you will see a massive improvement not only physically, but your mental preparation, knowledge and discipline will give you the winning edge.

Let me know if you have any questions. Send me an email at:

I look forward to teaching you on the inside

Zara "The Lady Dragon" Phythian 

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  • 1


    • Welcome to the Course
    • Course Overview
  • 2

    Course Introduction

    • Introduction
    • Equipment & Wrapping Your Hands
    • Movement
    • Footwork Basics
    • Warm Up
  • 3

    Section 1

    • Range & Distance
    • Striking Areas
    • Basic Hand Techniques
    • Basic Leg Techniques
    • Basic Boxing Combinations
    • Basic Kickboxing Combinations
    • Basic Combat Combinations
  • 4

    Section 2

    • Introduction to the 9 Rounds
    • Round 1: BOXING Performance Round
    • Round 2: BOXING Speed Round
    • Round 3: BOXING Power Round
    • Round 4: KICKBOXING Performance Round
    • Round 5: KICKBOXING Speed Round
    • Round 6: KICKBOXING Power Round
    • Round 7: COMBAT Performance Round
    • Round 8: COMBAT Speed Round
    • Round 9: COMBAT Power Round
  • 5

    Section 3

    • Section 3 Introduction
    • Partner Timing Drill
    • Partner Defence Drill
    • Partner Conditioning Drill
    • Pyramid Sprint
    • Bag Sit Ups
    • Work Flow Drills
    • 100!
    • Combo Counts
    • Congratulations!
  • 6


    • 9 Rounds Bag Blast Review

ZP 9 Rounds Bag Blast

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