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Welcome to the Action Performance Double Chux Course Level 1

"I want to train with weapons, but where do I start?"

"I want to train with weapons but where do I start?" is one of the most asked questions. For those of you looking to start practising weapons, finding a good and reliable coach is not an easy task! Not all styles of Martial Arts practise weapons and not all instructors have weapons training experience. Usually, this is a specialist area and you can end up spending more time searching for an instructor / coach or having to travel huge distances to train with a proficient weapons practitioner, than actually being able to just pick up your weapon and train!

I know, I've been there, sat on the motorway in countless traffic jams and hold ups to go and train for just an hour or two and then make the long journey home. Your search is finally over and you can get started right away with the ZP Online Training Academy.

Weapons training will give you an essential edge if you are an action or stunt performer. Many fight and action scenes involve some kind of weapons choreography and the added bonus is that the skills learnt and practised are transferable so you can easily adapt your skills to similar props or weapons. 

For instructors and school owners, Weapons training is a fantastic way to keep students engaged and learning new skills. You can use drills and skills to keep your classes fresh and motivating or even have a dedicated weapons training program or class. Adding variety and disguising repetition is essential for teaching successful classes and your students will love you for giving them new content and curriculum to learn and master. 

Most of all Weapons training is FUN and a unique way to exercise for anyone wanting to stay active and learn some cool stuff. 

There are many other benefits such as improved hand-eye coordination, agility, strength, conditioning and speed and memory and more! Plus, You can set yourself targets and challenges with progressive techniques, combos, forms and tricks!

As a martial artist, instructor, actor and stunt performer, my weapons training has held me in good stead and really brings that extra arrow to my bow. This is especially true in auditions, performances and for building a competition & demo team at my school. 

I created the Action Performance Double Chux Level 1 course for anyone looking to learn a fusion of traditional and freestyle Nunchaku. Tradition and basics are key ingredients to becoming a well rounded and proficient weapons practitioner, and this course is going to give you the tools and structure you need to get started. 

You no longer need to scour the internet or travel miles and miles to start training. The beauty of online training is that you can study in your own time, anywhere and anytime. In addition to that, by joining the ZP Online Training Academy you can be held accountable for your training by joining our dedicated student and learners group, ask questions, post your progress, give & receive feedback and interact with a likeminded community.  

The Action Performance Double Chux Course is an ideal course to study right now! You don't need anyone to train with, just you, your weapon and some space! 

We all have a little extra time right now to do some of the things we've always wanted to do - like develop and learn new skills. There really is no better time to start your weapons training in the safety of your home (or garden) and whilst new social distancing measures are enforced, and i'll extend the 'Covid-19 Offer' course fee for an extended introductory period too.

The Level One Action performance Double Chux Course will take you through a structured learning program to enable you to follow along and practise basic blocks, stances, strikes, combinations, manipulations, spins and tricks and the complete Action Double Chux Form. 

Each section is broken down in detail to give you an easy to follow step-by-step guide through the techniques. 

You're going to have FUN practising, developing and creating your own combinations and flows once you've got the basics down!

Price & FREE Bonus 

Get started today with the special 'ACTION DOUBLE CHUX COURSE LEVEL 1' for the one off price of just £24.99  - There's NO subscription fee, plus you'll get a Bonus PDF of the complete Action Performance Double Course Level 1, a discount voucher AND a FREE 5 Day Goal Setting Course as a BONUS!!!

Just click on the 'GET STARTED NOW' link below and you'll get instant access to the full course, bonus content and PDF. 

Get the Action Double Chux Course Today!


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ZP Online Training Reviews

James Latus

Bo Course

James Latus

"Loving the Bo course! Its awesome! Kate and I looked at it this morning straight after buying it and can't wait to start working on some of the elements with our students"
Rick Dubidat

Bo Course

Rick Dubidat

"Great course. Well structured"
Steve Bates

Bo Course

Steve Bates

"Great Course!"
Watch Intro Video

Action Performance Double Chux

Preview the course content here

What's Inside The Course?

  • 1


    • Welcome to the ZP Action Performance Double Chux Course Level One
  • 2

    Warm Up

    • Nunchaku Warm-Up and Conditioning Drills PT1
    • Nunchaku Warm-Up and Conditioning Drills PT2
  • 3

    Basic Blocks & Stances

    • Nunchaku Stances
    • Nunchaku Blocks
  • 4

    Basic Strikes

    • Single Strikes - Forward / Down / Up / Side
    • Double Strikes - Forward / Down / Cross / Side / Triangle
  • 5

    Nunchaku Manipulations, Spins & Transitions

    • Basic Rotations - Forward / Reverse / Helicopter
    • Single Forward Figure 8
    • Double Figure 8
    • Single Reverse Figure 8
    • Double Reverse Figure 8
    • Single Figure 8 Variation (Around the Body)
    • Double Figure 8 Variation (Around the Body)
    • Vertical Figure 8
    • Vertical Hand & Wrist Roll
    • Horizontal Hand & Wrist Roll
    • 3 - Strike Rodonda
  • 6

    Nunchaku Catches

    • Shoulder & Back Catch
    • Neck & Cross Catch
    • 180* & 360* Catch (Release)
  • 7

    Nunchaku Combinations 1 - 12

    • Combo 1
    • Combo 2
    • Combo 3
    • Combo 4
    • Combo 5
    • Combo 6
    • Combo 7
    • Combo 8
    • Combo 9
    • Combo 10
    • Combo 11
    • Combo 12
  • 8

    Choreography / Performance Form: SECTIONS 1 - 6

    • Section 1
    • Section 2
    • Section 3
    • Section 4
    • Section 5
    • Section 6
  • 9

    The Complete Choreography / Performance Form

    • ZP Action Performance Double Chux Form Level One (Medium Pace)
    • ZP Action Performance Double Chux Form Leve One
  • 10


    • ZP Action Performance Double Chux Level One Course Review
  • 11

    FREE BONUS COURSE! 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge

    • DAY 1! 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge
    • Day 2! 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge
    • Day 3! 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge
    • Day 4! 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge
    • Day 5! 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge

About Your Instructor

Zara Phythian

ZP Online Training Academy Founder

Zara Phythian

Hi, my name is Zara Phythian. I am a Martial Artist, School Owner, Instructor, Actress, Stunt Performer and founder of the ZP Online Training Academy. I've created this website to share my knowledge of martial arts both on the mat and on the screen to enhance and compliment the training of all levels of Martial Art practitioners and fitness enthusiasts in a variety of my favourite training styles, concepts and disciplines. The type of courses available to study via the ZP Online Training Academy range from Action Screen Fighting, Fight Choreography, Martial Art Curriculum, Style-Specific Training, Tournament Strategies, Sparring, Traditional and Performance Forms & Kata, Stretching & Flexibility, Kicking Skills & Kick Conditioning, Fitness & Conditioning, Weight Training, Instructor Training, Dojo Drills and Skills, Children's Age Specific Programs, and a range of performance based Weapons training including Bo, Kama, Nunchaku, Sword and the 9 Section Whip Chain. I'm passionate about sharing the knowledge and training methods that were the key ingredients to building a successful competitive career on the mats and now in my film and TV career. I can't wait to train with you! It's my personal mission is to teach and inspire as many people around the world as possible and promote the benefits of Martial Arts. Thank You. Zara x

How Does It Work

  • Technical Videos

    Detailed video lessons with Zara teaching you the drills and skills you need to succeed

  • Watch Online

    Watch online anywhere, anytime and on any device

  • Ongoing Support

    Exclusive support and accountability via the private Facebook community group


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